England’s Immigrants 1330 – 1550 Resident Aliens in the Late Middle Ages

E 179/144/42, m. 9 [105]

Archive: The National Archives
Reference: E 179/144/42
Sub-reference: m. 9
Document Type: tax assessment
Document Date: 12 October 1441
Notes: Tower. mm. 32-23d shows that all the assessed aliens in this ward defaulted.

Tax Collections

1440 alien subsidy, 3rd collection
1440 alien subsidy, 4th collection

Persons named in record

Sopemaker, Cornelius
Sopemaker, [...]
Tylemaker, William
Tylemaker, [...]
Howchold, Peter
Howchold, [...]
Fouke, Allerd
Fouke, [...]
Poddyngwyff, Beatrix
Morreys, Stephen
Maste, Henry
Maste, [...]
Martynson, Geoffrey
Martynson, [...]
Stede, John
Stede, [...]
Mattys, John
Mattys, [...]
Walterson, Henry
Walterson, [...]
Wytson, Gilbert
Wytson, [...]
Coleyn, Henry van
Coleyn, [...] van
Harder, Peter
Arnoldson, John
Arnoldson, [...]
Cratow, Herman
White, John
Carter, Stephen
Sawer, Philip
Saundres, Brandus
Saundres, [...]
Kent, William
Kent, [...]
Maundewyle, Simon
Maundewyle, [...]
Taylour, John
Taylour, [...]
Adam, Thomas
Adam, [...]
Cowke, John
Leche, Adam
Wellys, John
Clays, John
Clays, [...]
Portugaler, Frederick
Ducheman, Simon
Founche, Martin
Tayer, Dedericus
Dymond, Lambert
Perisson, William
Sherrette, John
Nowell, Oliver
Holand, Swota
Saunderson, John
Saunderson, [...]
Ducheman, Gerard
Martyn, John
Cooke, Richard
Kempe, Henry van
Dowche, William
Sable, Martin
Mattys, Nicholas
Sawer, Arnold
Sawer, [...]
Sabill, Bertrand
Johnson, Gerard
Johnson, [...]
Clayson, Jacobus
Brewer, Bartholomew
Brewer, [...]
Peterson, Jacobus
Peterson, [...]
Johnson, Dedericus
Johnson, [...]
Duchewoman, Petronilla
Rombold, Bartholomew
Rombold, [...]
Sawer, Gerard
Sawer, [...]
Dolbyn, Henry
Leere, John van
Leere, [...] van
Graunt, John
Graunt, [...]
Graunt, Joan
Duchewoman, Katherine
Scottyse, Cristiana
Scottis, Marion
Scottis, [...]
Yryssh, Walter
Mason, Joan
Rustoll, John
Boccher, Margery
[...], Patrick
Andewarpe, Nicholas
Peterysson, John
Cresman, John
Cresman, [...]
Belle, John
Belle, [...]
Staundon, William
Rawfe, Thomas
Kent, Joan
Baker, William
Woman, Nicholas
Lawler, Alex
Kenwyk, Richard
Hawe, Thomas
Morreys, William
Skopey, Giles
Knevet, Nicholas
Lawrens, John
Taylour, Agnes
Palmer, Nicholas
Massey, John
Frauncheman, John
[...], Margaret
Maundovyle, Joan
Lawler, John
Morres, Alicia
Lawrens, Katherine
Somerton, Laurence
Galeyman, Martin
Lambe, John
Douchewoman, Isabelle
Douchewoman, Lowsebet
Douchewoman, Katherine
Campe, Kyngondes van
Shortleggs, William
Doucheman, Dedericus
Doucheman, [...]
Warde, Geoffrey van
Warde, [...] van
Galeyman, Christopher

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