England’s Immigrants 1330 – 1550 Resident Aliens in the Late Middle Ages

E 179/235/4, m. 2 [1505]

Archive: The National Archives
Reference: E 179/235/4
Sub-reference: m. 2
Document Type: tax assessment
Document Date: 12 July 1440
Content Date: 31 May 1440
Notes: Contrary to usual practice, these details have been taken from the transcribed copy of the assessment sent to the sheriff on 12 July 1440 for the collection process, rather than the surviving inquisition held on 31 May 1440 (E 179/81/88), as the latter document is damaged and incomplete. However, the details have been cross-checked with the legible sections of that document. Notes in the margin recorded those people who did not pay.

Tax Collections

1440 alien subsidy, 1st collection
1440 alien subsidy, 2nd collection

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