England’s Immigrants 1330 – 1550 Resident Aliens in the Late Middle Ages

E 179/133/71 [1858]

Archive: The National Archives
Reference: E 179/133/71
Document Type: tax assessment
Document Date: 4 April 1440
Notes: File of six inquisitions, all held at Leicester on 4 April 1440, sewn to the original commission. Most of the inquisitions describe all househlders as having no children under 12, and all non-housheolders as being singlemen or singlewomen. Three constables seemingly appeared late to the Gartree inquest on m 5. The names of the constables were added in (two provided nil returns), but the constable from Stockerston provided two further names, which were added at the end. However, they are not noted as householders or non-householders, and the figures noted on the account roll only match the numbers appearing in the inquests if they are omitted.

Tax Collections

1440 alien subsidy, 1st collection
1440 alien subsidy, 2nd collection

Persons named in record

[...], Patrick
Stele, Martin
Taillour, John
Mason, John
Laurens, John
Sheperd, William
Irelond, Andrew
Frencheman, John
Baker, John
Weyver, Jacobus
Braban, Henry
Rose, Robert
Gauter, John
Rede, Adam
Mychell, Nowell
[...], Nicholas
Frencheman, John
Scoticus, John
[...], Simon
Frencheman, John
Webester, Peter
Frencheman, John
Mongomery, Juliana
Pycard, Jacobus
[...], Robert
Frenche, Thomas
Lyre, John
[...], Jacobus
[...], Joan
Pavyer, Laurence
Bele, John
Asche, John
Asche, Elena
Godewyn, John
Clerk, Nicholas
[...], Christina
[...], Henry
[...], John
[...], Giles
Nettard, John
Iryssheman, Stephen
Whyte, Hugh
Pycard, Anthony
Drake, Thomas
Bron, John
Peryn, John
Founteyn, Thomas
Flemyng, Paul
Bate, Henry
Dune, John
Frencheman, Peter
Frencheman, Peter
Besko, John
Frencheman, William
Frencheman, John
Dyskyn, Henry
Gory, Robert
Frencheman, John
Spynner, Alice
Frencheman, Lodowicus
Frencheman, Peter
Potter, John
Frencheman, John
Frencheman, John
Frencheman, Dionisius
Broun, Thomas
[...], Michael
Frencheman, John
Frencheman, John
Frencheman, Andrew
Flemyng, John
Janyn, John
Frenche, Juliana
Carcote, Dionisius
[...], Ralph
Iresheman, Simon
Taillour, Matthew
Braban, Henry
Smalebon, Sampson
Herryson, Nicholas
Sclater, Robert
[...], Jacobus
Watson, William
White, Patrick
Caunton, John
[...], John
[...], John
Kempster, Christina
Hayton, Robert
Cragge, Robert
Cragge, Katherine
Wylmeson, George
Skynner, Nicholas
Hore, Richard
Hore, Joan
Ducheman, Reginald
Dampe, John
Scales, Thomas
Mathy, John
Rychard, Staceus
Frencheman, Michael
Frenchsman, Colyn

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