England’s Immigrants 1330 – 1550 Resident Aliens in the Late Middle Ages

E 179/192/67 [1939]

Archive: The National Archives
Reference: E 179/192/67
Document Type: tax assessment
Document Date: 28 August 1441
Notes: Notes above the names indicate those people who had moved away, but these are not always entirely clear.

Tax Collections

1440 alien subsidy, 3rd collection
1440 alien subsidy, 4th collection

Persons named in record

[...], Peter
Frencheman, John
Laborer, John
Laborer, John
Nursse, Margaret
Cardyff, Thomas
Stafford, Patrick
Whyt, Henry
Sampson, John
Spynner, Joan
Whario, John
Joyes, Thomas
Arderbury, Alice
Crempe, Peter
Pillyon, John
Carryk, John
Warkman, Godfrey
Colman, William
Rouse, Thomas
Chaundler, Adam
Glasier, Patrick
Kildragh, Thomas
Kyldragh, John
Slade, William
Hosier, John
Ingre, Robert
Knyght, Nicholas
Rothewell, John
Bagot, Margaret
Hebbe, Richard
Skyll, Margery
Dawe, William
Burton, Stephen
Preston, John
Butteler, Gregory
Sweteman, Michael
Serle, John
Sheynton, Rosa
Podyngg[...], Sibyl
Tyler, John
Butterley, Richard
Broune, Nicholas
Price, Nicholas
Rathe, John
Rathe, John
Sawyer, John
Bygge, John
[...], Matthew
Wever, Robert
Burdeux, John
Blake, Robert
Felde, Robert
Fote, Nicholas
Yonge, John
Smyth, William
Bytter, Edmund
More, John
Sowle, William
Dobyn, Robert
[...], Peter
Almeston, Roger
Whyt, Margery
Frenssheman, John
[...], Peter
Whyt, Alice
[...], Thomas
Frenssheman, Stephen
Herold, John
Frenssheman, John
Frenssheman, John
[...], John
Frenssheman, John
[...], John
Milner, John
[...], Maria
[...], Margaret
[...], Peter
Broune, John
[...], William
[...], Christina
[...], Joan
Patryk, Agnes
[...], Elena
[...], Robert
[...], Macelyn
[...], Maria
[...], Robert
[...], Agnes
[...], Margaret
[...], Isabell
[...], Agnes
[...], Katherine
[...], Matilda
[...], William
Cawnewell, Joan
[...], Joan
[...], Isabella
[...], Alice
Broune, Michael
Wryght, John
Spynner, Anna
Preest, Agnes
Spynner, Joan
Wryght, Ketyng
Annowes, Richard
Clyfford, Matilda
Colyer, Joan
Butteler, Alice
Clyfford, Walter
Whit, Ambrose
[...], Richard
Skyll, Laurence
Curteys, Matthew
Dryle, Isolda
Whit, William
Water, Margery
Leycestr, Katherine of

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