England’s Immigrants 1330 – 1550 Resident Aliens in the Late Middle Ages

E 179/108/114, m. 2 [198]

Archive: The National Archives
Reference: E 179/108/114
Sub-reference: m. 2
Document Type: tax assessment
Document Date: aft. 17 September 1443
Content Date: 26 April - 17 September 1443
Notes: Transcript of four inquests, held at various dates in 1443 and written up together on the same membrane at some point after the last one was held.

Tax Collections

1442 alien subsidy, 1st collection
1442 alien subsidy, 2nd collection

Persons named in record

Ducheman, Hugh
Johnson, John
Wever, Gerard
Brewer, Lambert
Frensheman, Dionisius
Turvyle, Nicholas
Tailour, Janyn
Bewes, Edward
Preest, Janyn
Brewer, Janyn
Rolf, William
Blowte, Ivo
Gardy, Richard
Carter, Peter
Jenever, William
Vincent, Michael
[...], Nicholas
Bocher, John
[...], Janyn
Frenshman, Robert
[...], Janyn
Frenshman, Geoffrey
Parcivale, Janyn
Hanyn, John
Cavyll, William
Frensham, Peter
Curteyn, Richard
Male, Stephen
Frenshman, John
Flemmyng, Gylmyn
Crier, John
[...], Cristinus
William, Geoffrey
Holbek, Eustace
Cordwaner, Janyn
Grene, Janyn
Pecok, Vincent
Colyn, Peter
Tyles, Peter de la
Holbek, Gerard
Sutton, John
Mayllard, Laurence
Sewendre, John
Frenshman, Laurence
Frenshman, Janyn
Polet, William
Frenshman, Gerard
Nouebrede, Henry
Koseberdson, Arnold
Nicholas, Arnold
Caperon, Nicholas
Jemer, Nicholas
Gyles, Peryn
Alvelegh, Jacobus de
Wever, Arnold
Isebrond, John
Carpenter, Laurence
Jogon, John
[...], Nicholas
[...], Peter
[...], Henry
[...], Anthony
[...], Maurice
Tayllour, Reginald
Baker, John
Ducheman, Tylmannus
Mynte, John
Sawer, Arnold
Hubert, William
Bovyle, Jacobus
Taillour, Bartholomew
Bussh, John
Couper, Martin
William, Peter
Russell, John
Feryn, John
Wyllymot, John
Burgate, John
Patynmaker, Peter
Ducheman, Walter
Ducheman, William
Baker, Tase
Phelip, John
Jermayn, John
Saveryn, Andrew
Baker, William
Sawyer, Robert
Gelyam, William
Laborer, Vincent
Dyer, Janyn
Late, John
Wardroper, William
Pecche, John
Martyn, Dionisius
Janyn, John
Frenshman, William
Werde, John
Marchaunt, William
Cornelles, John
Janyn, John
Janyn, John
Frenshman, John

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