England’s Immigrants 1330 – 1550 Resident Aliens in the Late Middle Ages

E 179/141/74 [2329]

Archive: The National Archives
Reference: E 179/141/74
Document Type: tax assessment
Document Date: aft. 25 September 1443
Notes: This is the document for the collection of the tax, and the names can also be found on the inquisition dated 25 September 1443, E 179/141/72. Any discrepancies between the two documents are noted. This document makes a note of those who had moved or were deceased. On m. 3v a Hankyn Gysburgh is recorded as having paid as a non-householder. This is a clerical error and has been omitted, as the clerk missed a line of names from the inquisition E 179/141/72 and put two separate names together. The names from the missing line can be found in the document record for E 179/141/72. There are other various clerical errors on this document, which have been noted accordingly.

Tax Collections

1442 alien subsidy, 1st collection
1442 alien subsidy, 2nd collection

Persons named in record

Hayne, Jacobus
Skynner, Wanne
Cordwaner, Laurence
Watermon, William
Pykerd, William
Docheman, Franciscus
Goldsmyth, Hans
Coupere, John
Cordewaner, Garlowe
Fornalous, Peter
Docheman, Peter
Gerard, Francus
Docheman, William
Cordwanere, Paul
Ducheman, William
Medyn, Gilbert
Docheman, Goddescalff
Skynner, Peter
Hatmaker, Peter
Pouchemaker, Arnold
Docheman, John
Docheman, Magnus
Snagard, Jordanus
Docheman, Giles
Emeryk, John
Docheman, Bartram
Goldsmyth, Henry
Wolffe, Richard
Haberdassher, Goselyn
Docheman, Hermannus
Gerardson, William
Kerver, John
Docheman, Peter
Trukke, Giles
Wever, Joceus
Docheman, Goddescalffe
Coryour, Edward
Gardynere, Dyonisius
Bladsmyth, John
Faillyn, William
Arberdras, Baldwin
Sherman, William
Westvale, Henry
Hosyer, Peter
William, Henry
Armurer, Theoderic
Hermanson, Lucas
Broun, Robert
Broun, Joan
Hosyer, Herbartus
Appelbeke, Henry
Colonia, William de
Peterson, Nicholas
Wylde, Nicholas de
Barbour, John
Barbour, Marina
Clynsore, John
[...], John
Hosyer, Jacobus
Breked, John
Pere, Henry
Pere, Maria
Hardwareman, Cornelius
Hardwareman, Margaret
Mabele, Lewis
Morflewe, William
Prewet, William
Wevere, Matthew
Wevere, Isabella
Drudyn, Arnold
Drudyn, Barbara
Shere, Anthony
Shere, Agnes
Heryng, Nicholas
Heryng, Edonia
Flemmyng, Rumbaldus
Docheman, Henry
Colan, Cristianus de
Bull, Henry
Johnson, Matthew
Perteman, John
Peterson, Godfrey
Hasard, John
Chambre, William
Chambre, Hengell
Chambre, Robert
Docheman, Gerard
Mare, John atte
Cokered, John
Bokeler, William
Sheperd, John
Hyerne, John
Rowfote, John
Rowfote, Isabell
Laurence, William
Hans, John
Richard, Simon
Vanson, Gerard
Vyan, Gerard
Johnson, Walter
Makerman, Simon
Scotte, John
Payn, Peter
Kyng, Robert
Wevere, Adrian
Webbe, Giles
Webbe, Roger
Olyver, John
Gerard, Nicholas
Lake, John
Bartelot, John
Chesteman, John
Dyk, John
Andrewe, Gerard
Berebruer, Peter
Cordewaner, Ingell
Peter, Bamaldus
Smyth, Simon
Johnson, Theodericus
Nettelsed, Henry
Wevere, Lounce
Wolff, John
Taillour, John
Colyn, John
Rolston, William
Aubray, Richard
Spyrenger, John
Taillour, Gerard
Brekeman, William
Cordewanere, John
Plonyssh, Roger
Nobill, Hermannus
Taillour, Hugh
Meller, Peter
Hede, Peter
Braban, Henry
Trafys, Robert
Barton, William
Caleys, John de
Pancok, John
Lenard, John
Fenne, John de
Taillour, Gerard
Akyn, Nicholas van
Bull, Henry van
Jamys, Nicholas
Grave, Henry de
Hilbuk, Henry
Johnson, Peter
Jamisson, Bernard
Wever, Hans
Pancok, Godfrey
Wevere, Brownkyn
Westvale, John
Norman, Michael
Gardyn, John
John, Preter
Tilmanson, Albritus
Gerardson, Godfrey
Monkyn, Gerard
Johnson, Theodericus
Peterson, William
Gode, Gerard the
Johnson, Deryk
Bussh, William van
Baker, Peter
Gaskyn, John
Kerne, John
Evenet, Peter
Simond, Nicholas
Hammyng, Edonia
Nobell, John
Docheman, John
Docheman, Cornelius
Docheman, Jacobus
Docheman, Henry
Docheman, Troye
Docheman, Peter
Docheman, Henry
Docheman, Stephen
Docheman, Andrew
Docheman, Nicholas
Dochewoman, Agnes
Waterson, William
Docheman, Hermannus
[...], Baldwin
Docheman, Richard
Docheman, Jacobus
Docheman, Henry
Docheman, John
Docheman, Bowyn
Docheman, Reginald
Docheman, Adrian
Docheman, Henry
Docheman, Tylman
Horne, Henry
Docheman, Hermannus
Docheman, Henry
Docheman, Geoffrey
Docheman, John
Docheman, Eborardus
Dochewoman, Joan
Docheman, Michell
Docheman, Richard
Dochewoman, Katherine
Docheman, William
Docheman, Wyttur
Dochewoman, Isabella
Docheman, Edward
Docheman, Thomas
Docheman, Troy
Docheman, John
Frensshman, Maurice
Docheman, Bartholomew
Docheman, Godfrey
Docheman, Alardus
Docheman, William
Docheman, Arnold
Docheman, Jacobus
Docheman, Michell
Docheman, Lamson
Dochewoman, Margaret
Docheman, Godfrey
Docheman, Michell
Dochewoman, Katherine
Docheman, Nicholas
Docheman, Gerard
White, Giles
Docheman, Jacobus
Docheman, William
Frensshman, William
Frensshman, Pyym
Frensshman, Ralph
Frensshman, Nicholas
Frensshman, John
[...], John
[...], Janyn
Gaskyn, John
Steer, John
Bartilmewe, Priour
Port, John
Laborer, John
Norman, Nicholas
Jamesson, Jacobus
Redyng, Peter
[...], William
Johnson, Jacobus
Gerardson, Peter
[...], John
[...], Nannyng
[...], Lewis
Herbertson, William
Larose, William de
Gremarton, Nell
Flessher, John
Coke, Gerard van
[...], Berterame
Johnson, Peter
Luke, John van
[...], Margaret
Payne, William
Hermanson, Clays
Frensshman, John
Klerke, Peter
Jamys, John
Hamell, Thomas de
Bocher, William
Herbert, Peter
William, Peter
Hope, Hans van
[...], Adrian
[...], Peter
[...], John
[...], Nicholas
Ray, Robert
[...], Idonius
Frensshman, William
Herman, John
[...], Arnold
[...], John
[...], John
[...], Henry
[...], John
[...], Henry
[...], Hans
[...], Joan
[...], Andrew
[...], Peter
[...], Gerard
Style, Henry
Troye, John
[...], Adrian
Bare, Gerard
[...], Hausper
[...], George
[...], John
[...], Henry
[...], Charles
[...], Janyn
Baker, John
Harry, Gerard
Braban, Alice
Alson, Arnold
Gelder, John
Rous, Giles
[...], Walter
Jaglewe, John
[...], Martin
Jenyn, John
[...], John
Frensshman, Germanus
Docheman, John
Tyler, Michell
Laborer, Hugh
Flemyng, Walter
John, Simon
Docheman, John
Crowne, Adam
Colne, Nicholas
Dornson, Nerigo
Collet, Robert
Johnson, Peter
[...], Angell
Norman, John
Gladwych, Robert
[...], Adrian
[...], Michell
Arnold, William
Clayson, Peter
Falix, John
Vylons, Paul
Hertson, Paul
Henryson, Deryk
Hasty, Anthony
Gilder, John
Braban, Alex de
Deryk, Richard
Peterson, Simon
Rollesson, William
Johnson, John
Jerose, Gerard
Houson, Malares
Fysker, Hans
Felip, Florencius
Gylesbrege, John
Drye, John
Hanse, John
Clayson, Barton
[...], Martin
Sadiller, Deryk
Armurer, John
Batilsley, Martin
[...], Peter
Cornelys, John
Peerson, Peter
Johnson, Ote
[...], Paul
[...], Yelles
Drys, John
Toys, John
[...], Mirabella
Nobell, John
[...], Simon
[...], Peryn
Frenshman, John
Norman, Robert
Ducheman, Bartholomew
Tylam, Ralph
Frenssh, John
Frensshman, Stephen
Yonge, John
Laborer, Gerard
[...], John
Harry, Willliam
Duchewoman, Barbara
Johnson, Jacobus
Seflete, Henry van
Nicholasson, John
Quanbarowe, Richard van
Dochewoman, Alice
Johnson, Peter
Selander, John
Preneale, John
Johnson, Richard
Simondson, Jacobus
[...], Kerbrondson
Johnson, Peter
Turnour, Guillyam
Brewer, Guillyam
Porter, Merlons
Laurence, Heymond
Hobson, Helmer
Thomason, James
Albrighson, Deryk
Derikson, Cornelius
Mondard, Peter
[...], Nicholas
[...], [...]
Frerikson, Richard
[...], Janyn
Herford, John
Arnold, John
[...], Philipot
Tilmanson, Tilman
[...], Simon
Gerard, William
Johnson, Jacobus
Pierson, Henry
Gerardson, Simon
Tybawde, William
Eylmyn, William
Frensshman, Janyn
Frensshman, Peryn
[...], John
[...], John
[...], John
Clays, John
Nicholas, John
[...], John
[...], Janyn

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