England’s Immigrants 1330 – 1550 Resident Aliens in the Late Middle Ages

E 179/200/75 [2437]

Archive: The National Archives
Reference: E 179/200/75
Document Type: tax assessment
Document Date: aft. 4 April 1440
Notes: This is a fair copy of the inquisitions in E 179/200/76, mm. 2-5, which are dated 4 April 1440. A note is made whether a person had paid or had moved. Householders are listed on m. 2, non-householders are listed on mm. 2-2d.

Tax Collections

1440 alien subsidy, 1st collection
1440 alien subsidy, 2nd collection

Persons named in record

White, John
Fleccher, Thomas
Smyth, William
Cook, John
Cook, Nicholas
Curteys, John
Wever, Reginald
Tasker, William
Irisshman, Richard
Grove, Thomas
Frensshman, Janyn
Garvey, William
Hutton, John
Tayllour, Peter
Frenshman, Gillam
Milleward, Janyn
Taillour, John
Sanz, Robert
Baker, Peter
Haket, Robert
Cook, John
Tasker, John
Hey, John
Cornewayle, John
Molle, John
Stapull, John
White, John
Stokes, William
Russell, John
Rede, John
Potter, Robert
Irelond, John
Higley, William
Walker, William
Swon, Michael
Carpenter, Peter
Laborer, Stephen
Milleward, William
Spark, John
Brewer, John
Burdet, Peter
Broun, John
White, Geoffrey
Dey, Alicia
Tyler, Stephen
Saunder, John
Westvale, Jacobus
Palfreyman, Peter
Crosman, William
Sawyer, Robert
Williams, John
Vyntener, Peter
Goldesmyth, Ralph
Corveser, Gillam
Shermon, Richard
Patynmaker, John
Iremonger, Dionisius
Taillour, Edmond
Taillour, Thomas
Frenssheman, Thomas
Irisshman, William
Irisshwoman, Isabella
Hamond, Gerald
Rudyng, Janyn
Olyre, John
Irelond, John
Flemmyng, Peter
Frensshman, Nicholas
Bady, Gillam
Rosse, Janyn
Frensshman, Philip
Smyth, Thomas
Steven, John
Botiller, Janyn
Cook, Gillam
Kydde, Nowell
Iryssh, Margaret
Barbour, Nicholas
Cornewaill, Joan
Bertram, Richard
Frenssheman, William
Styler, Gillam
Kane, Thomas
Wateden, Richard
Fraunce, John
Iryssh, Jacobus
Breton, Joan
Frensshman, Janyn
Carpenter, Henry
Irelond, Patrick
Abbey, Michael of the
Carter, Colyn
Baker, Matthew
Broke, Janyn
Bynhome, William
Barbour, Janyn
Cook, Garyot
Payn, Janyn
Wele, John
Okham, Gillam
Frensshman, Janyn
Caverich, Janyn
Flemmyng, Hawkyn
Frenssheman, John
Frenssheman, Robert
Irysshwoman, Rosa
Frenshman, William
Frenshman, Peter
Frensshman, Michael
Frenshman, Nicholas
Frenshman, John
Frensshman, Stephen
Irisshman, William
Gasquyn, William
Gasquyn, Peter
Frenshman, Janyn
Frensshman, Janyn
Norman, Michael
Frensshman, Janyn
Frenssheman, William
Gasquyn, Nicholas
Frenssheman, Oliver
Milleward, Richard
Ducheman, John

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