England’s Immigrants 1330 – 1550 Resident Aliens in the Late Middle Ages

E 179/113/130 [2457]

Archive: The National Archives
Reference: E 179/113/130
Document Type: tax assessment
Document Date: April 1440 x January 1441
Notes: This document comprises two lists. The first (28 names) contains the names of those non-householders who were assessed towards these two payments and did not pay, while the second appears to represent those householders and non-householders who paid only one of the two collections. Unfortunately the second list does not specify which people were householders and which were non-householders, but it seems likely that a space on the dorse represents the division, and this has been treated as such. Some names were duplicated and were later crossed out - these have been noted in the notes, but have only been entered once. No full assessment is known to survive for these payments in Gloucestershire.

Tax Collections

1440 alien subsidy, 1st collection
1440 alien subsidy, 2nd collection

Persons named in record

Smyth, John
[...], Thomas
Leche, Walter
Irlond, John
Leche, John
Cook, William
Taylour, John
Gascoigne, John
Persone, Thomas
Fuystere, William
Vale, John
Pacy, Thomas
Hesy, John
Tyler, Stephen
Stafford, John
Irysshman, Walter
Iryssh, John
Yate, Janyn de
Tayllour, Simon
Laweles, John
Laweles, Joan
[...], John
[...], Nicholas
Belamy, John
Stabull, John de la
Stabull, Little John de la
Stabull, John de la
Rwell, Andrew
Hoper, John
Glasier, Robert
Smyth, Bartholomew
Wever, David
Taylour, John
Taylour, Edward
[...], William
Droneham, John
Droneham, Agnes
Godeshalf, John
Skynner, John
[...], Dionisius
Botesley, John
Camborne, William
Cannyngges, Walter
Coke, John
[...], Gylmyn
Spycer, John
Vernam, John
Irlonde, John
Marchaunt, John
Barbour, Peter
Gaskyn, William
Cariour, Alexander
Stabull, Janyn de la
Iryssh, Margaret
Flemyng, Albrittus
Irysshman, Dionisius
Blakburne, John
Martyn, John
Power, Margaret
Corviser, John
Alegraunt, William
Frensheman, Robert
Page, Guillielmus
Iryssh, Thomas
Vale, Janyn le
Baker, Peter
Croutham, Robert
[...], Marion
[...], Holder
Shene, Nicola de
[...], Margery
Taylour, Richard
[...], Blakham
Iryssh, Janyn
[...], Ralph
Irysshman, Matthew
Frenssh, John
White, John
Hasell, David
Gaskyn, Nawdyn
Iryssh, Felix
Irysshman, Nicholas
Walssh, John
Portyngale, John
Lombard, William
[...], [...]
Iryssh, Nicholas
Iryssh, Alice
Frensheman, Janyn
Shephird, Robert
Baret, William
Flemmyng, Stephen
Stabull, John de la
Frensheman, John
Frenshman, Hugh
[...], John
[...], John
Kaynard, Nicholas
Martyn, John
[...], Maurice
[...], Dionisius
[...], William
[...], John

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