England’s Immigrants 1330 – 1550 Resident Aliens in the Late Middle Ages

E 179/144/52, m. 7 [252]

Archive: The National Archives
Reference: E 179/144/52
Sub-reference: m. 7
Document Type: tax assessment
Document Date: 4 February 1443
Notes: Langbourn. E 179/144/47 rots. 3-4 provide details of the individual aliens in the ward who paid the subsidy, had moved away and so defaulted the subsidy, or had deceased before the collection of the subsidy. A note is made on each individual accordingly. The Italians have been identified by Bradley in her PhD thesis, appendix 4, and noted accordingly.

Tax Collections

1440 alien subsidy, 5th collection
1440 alien subsidy, 6th collection

Persons named in record

Lambesthorpe, Henry
Undesthorpe, Henry
Stoneslype, Cornelius
Burmewe, Benedict
Alsa, Bernard
Vydale, Remond
Carbonell, Philip
Bartilmowe, Jamys
Bartilmowe, [...]
Harry, Jacobus
Harry, [...]
Williamson, Dirik
Williamson, [...]
Goldsmyth, Giles
Goldsmyth, [...]
Sande, John at
Sande, [...] at
Howseholder, Jacomin
Barry, William
Harrys, John
Harrys, [...]
Cobyler, Hermanus
Elyse, Henry
Elyse, [...]
Yongeman, Herman
Yongeman, [...]
Coldwater, Bartholomew
Coldwater, [...]
Vivalde, Lucas de
Lomeleyn, Bartholomew
Sentryons, Baptista
Spynall, Benedict
Depodio, Christopher
Lurcarius, Baldsall
Spynulla, Ralph
Man, John
Man, [...]
Apostil, Giles
Apostil, [...]
Coleyn, Gyse van
Coleyn, [...] van
Peterson, Jacobus
Peterson, [...]
Edmonder, Odyer
Edmonder, [...]
Tony, John
Tony, [...]
Quadyok, Jacobus
Broun, John
Sawyer, Ramkyn
Sawyer, [...]
Jemyson, William
Jemyson, [...]
Lumbard, Bonyn
Conyam, Jacobus
Portyngaler, John
Hyrkyn, Herman
Villano, Dominico
Cotricke, John
Capper, Matise
Capper, [...]
Walshe, William
Walshe, [...]
Deverneys, Andrew
Pele, Jeros de
Barde, Belysard de
Albes, John de
Galyon, Nicholas
Galyon, [...]
Skeve, Henry
Ryder, Augustinus
Ryder, [...]
Mercanowe, Laurence
Manwyche, John
Pascalego, Bernard
Mercanow, Andrew
Nowe, Jacobus de
Jueler, Bassam
Merkyzano, Percival
Merkyzano, Laurence
Stoneslype, Florence
Frensshman, Laurence
Frensshman, [...]
Frensshman, Janyn
Blythe, Hanse
Dowedyn, Janyn
Catelyn, Raphael
Patynmaker, Paul
Patynmaker, Isbrand
Devydenet, Peter
Powle, Thomas
Norman, Anthony
Surtur, Michael
Servaunt, Albright
Powlys, John
Sotte, Hankyn
Dowcheman, William
Servaunt, Henry
Servaunt, Walrafe
Grace, Gilmyn
Dewvale, Joan
Ponyant, Jenyn
Lysebeck, Henry
Bonberer, Richard
Roy, Robert le
Roy, Robert le
Fever, Roger le
Says, Hans
Joste, Henry
Petirson, Jacobus
Poge, Jacobus
Norman, Janyn
Symondson, Symond
Nicholasson, Paul
Servaunt, Adrian
Botiler, Boneface
Servaunt, George
Servaunt, Ambrosius
Servaunt, Andrew
Tasel, John
Iryscheman, Avic
Servaunt, Thomas
Scomer, Nicholas
Hirkyn, Herman
Servaunt, Michael
Baker, Janyne
Brewer, Janyne
Sporters, Margaret
Dowchewoman, Lysebet
Cesar, John
Remond, Eliot
Rose, William
Frenshman, Jenyn
Johnson, Geoffrey
Garscoyn, Arnold
Servaunt, Katherine
Cook, Peter
Botiler, Hanse
Jamys, Jacobus
Powle, Paul
Vegyll, Bernard
Williamson, Andrew
Lawrenson, Cornelis
Dowchman, Deryk
Dowchman, Simon
Dowchman, Bernys
Dowchman, Arnold
Dowchwoman, Cristiana
Fosse, Henry
Douchman, John
Bonn, Hans van
Pascaligo, William
Cook, Herman
Servaunt, George

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