England’s Immigrants 1330 – 1550 Resident Aliens in the Late Middle Ages

E 179/103/125 [2566]

Archive: The National Archives
Reference: E 179/103/125
Document Type: tax assessment
Document Date: 2 January 1525
Notes: Unfortunately this document lists the taxpayers only by hundred, not by village, and no equivalent document for these hundreds survives for the first payment. As in most of Dorset for this tax, the vast majority of alien taxpayers are described as 'Normans'. Whether they all truly were from Normandy, or whether this term was simply used to refer to all French people in general, or even to all alien taxpayers, is unclear, but other sources do indicate that there were a large number of Normans in this region at this time.

Tax Collections

1523 subsidy, 2nd collection

Persons named in record

Wynche, John
Folya, John
Lowde, Thomas
Grey, Thomas
Devenyshe, Thomas
Lowell, Roger
Fortyn, Andrew
Cowarde, Thomas
Benett, Michael
Pelcott, Thomas
Vylett, Roger
Kene, Peter
Vase, Stephen
Bonemayne, Robert
Jurdyn, Martin
Boyte, Robert
Oke, Andrew
Frensheman, Jefferey
Vyne, Robert a
Lovell, William
Obrey, Oliver
Taylour, Rafe
Husee, Nicholas
Pynnell, Denys
Howe, John
Hyne, Robert the
Danyell, William
Davy, George
Erther, Nicholas
Baker, Frauncys
Bryttall, Devenyshe
Mychell, Thomas
Myller, Philip
Clement, John
Ryllett, Jefferey
Myller, John
Delande, John
Gelyn, John
Lamer, Simon de
Frenshe, Luke
Pelcott, Vincent
Kyng, John
Norman, Maryan
Curtyse, Jamys
Frenshe, Alyn
Frenshe, Jakes
Webber, John
Vagne, Robert
Haute, Thomas
Stowng, William
Elysaunder, Laurence
Cobbe, Jamys
Massett, Denys
Balthasar, William
Mergery, Peter
Genott, Simon
Browne, John
Maket, Nicholas
Benarde, Thomas
Cannocke, Fabyan
Mat, Germayne
[...], Tussent
Chaundeler, Pers
Vanery, John
Snacheall, Nicholas
Alys, Nouell
Chuerlyng, Michael
Aleyne, Thomas
Bellet, Nicholas
Downe, Thomas
Carpynter, Colyn
Frensheman, John
See, John
Frensheman, Colyn
Strongman, Rafe
Frenshman, Jamys
Austyn, Robert
Growght, Thomas
Myller, Nicholas
Taylour, John
Duskett, Guyllam
Olyver, Nicholas
Belyn, John
Frensheman, Guyllam
Ferry, Philip
Vowell, John
Plymer, John
Clement, Nicholas
Mochell, Nicholas
Godfrey, Martin
Robees, Germayne
Fowmy, John
Moryn, Jamys
Dryer, Richard
Dalyda, John
Benett, Nicholas
Antony, Maryon
Garrott, John
Attyre, John
Frownshe, Gulam
Pecocke, Peter
Hobbys, Juliana
Peysaunt, Jamys
Denys, John
Basyn, Robert
Rowlonde, William
Follett, Thomas
Meryman, John
Follett, John
Marynell, Nicholas
Larye, Philippe
Ruett, John
Lane, John
Lyste, Roger
Salgryme, William
Puschyn, John
Saunder, Nicholas
Bache, John
Mownerde, Robert
Wyett, Evan
Clement, Nicholas
Comyschall, Nicholas
Peet, Jamys
Boys, Jermayn
Byrrett, Oliver
Bonemayns, William
Hyberde, Vincent
Morecoke, Roger
Pouncharde, John
Meryker, John
Butler, Gulam
Massett, Peter
Yvon, John
Freer, Michael
Gylbert, Raulyn
Colyn, Nicholas
Tyly, Gulam
Rogers, Michael
Cruell, Gulam
Pryor, Laurence
Tolyfote, John
Lake, Gulam
Code, William
Code, Nowell
Byshope, Nicholas
Poldon, Richard
Lowny, Michael
Purchas, Jamys
Alyn, Jakett
Alyn, Rawlyn
Lagose, Vincent
Alyn, Dyonyse
Myller, Nicholas
Delamere, Thomas
Mekehyll, Michael
Alyn, Robert
Devese, Charles
Holonde, Blase
Holonde, John
Large, George
Grene, Lewys
Alamorte, John
Alamorte, Martin
Alanasshe, William
Benett, Thomas
Labycke, William
Bonysent, Bastyan
Dynaunt, William
Abbotte, Richard
Bevys, John
Olyver, Thomas
Lark, Gulam
Symon, John
Gregory, Peter
Growte, John
Huberd, John
Averey, Lucas
Marcaunt, Evan
Frencheman, John
Helyer, John
Davy, Nicholas
Thorner, Thomas
Clement, Nicholas
Peter, Oliver
Swethyll, John
Michell, Henry
Symondes, John
Norman, Lewys
Hoffe, John
Sympnell, Richard
Falellell, Gylys
Frensheman, Robert
Mabyr, Austyn
Cheyney, John
Graffer, Jefferey
Frenshman, Peter
Grey, Michael
Petwyn, Richard
Obede, Maryan
Bonell, Lucas
Ober, John
Gose, Richard
Taylour, James
Frenshman, Philippe
Drynkall, Thomas
Whyffyn, Lewse
Symond, William
Jerarde, Jamys
Sayle, Martin
Katorse, Robert
Blandamore, John
Whyte, John
Churchelles, William
Fortyn, Sampson
Candeler, Peter
Russell, Laurence
[...], Nicholas
[...], Robert
Fotacate, Jamys
Mason, John
Bett, Thomas
Mason, Nicholas
Pecok, John
Frenshe, John
[...], Robert
Devale, Perys
Belman, Thomas
Belman, Thomas
Myller, Gulam
Laborer, Gylys
Kerver, Perys
Rogers, Philippe
Fylpott, John
Ferett, John
Evetott, John
Ober, Nicholas
Thampyn, Thomas
Henfyld, Peter
Verglas, John
Ryder, Michael
Holy, John
Lokes, Robert
Delacourte, John
Govyn, Nicholas
Ducke, Gylys
Travys, Nouell
Every, John
Arpyn, John
Loryman, Tebott
Verglas, Nicholas
Mason, Philippe
Coper, John
Vawshyre, John
Serowe, John
Carter, John
Russell, Robert
Decrytott, Jamys
Fever, Stephen
Baker, Michael
Trevale, John
Josett, Oliver
Masyn, John
Hallacke, John
Curcyer, Richard
Cantyn, Thomas
Symond, Richard
Bayly, John
Coyne, Martin

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