England’s Immigrants 1330 – 1550 Resident Aliens in the Late Middle Ages

E 179/144/52, m. 9 [281]

Archive: The National Archives
Reference: E 179/144/52
Sub-reference: m. 9
Document Type: tax assessment
Document Date: 18 January 1443
Notes: Broad Street. E 179/144/47 rots. 4d-5d provide details of the individual aliens in the ward who paid the subsidy, had moved away and so defaulted the subsidy, or had deceased before the collection of the subsidy. A note is made on each individual accordingly. The Italians have been identified by Bradley in her PhD thesis, appendix 4, and noted accordingly.

Tax Collections

1440 alien subsidy, 5th collection
1440 alien subsidy, 6th collection

Persons named in record

Kysseman, Richard
James, Arnold
James, [...]
Lompney, Anthony
Bastyan, Anthony
Dalsa, Lewis
Rosse, Simon
Maryn, Peter de
Senturio, Anthony
Lumlyne, Philip
Sygale, Simon
Senturio, Frederick
Bernard, Lewis
Nicholas, Alexander
Physycion, Thomas
Gentilman, Jacobus
Goldsmyth, Arnold
Bocher, Joicius
Bocher, [...]
Phylyp, John
Phylyp, [...]
Age, Ralph
Alank, William
Alank, [...]
Talond, John
Bocher, John
Bocher, [...]
Wyflete, John
Blyndpayn, Roger
Goldsmyth, Arnold
Goldsmyth, [...]
Horold, John
Vandryhyrst, Jacobus
Browderer, William
Austyn, Benedict
Corner, Frederick
Contre, Kerellus
Marchaunt, Peter
Greek, Michael
Bate, Forestus de la
Vyn, John de
Masse, Michael de
Man, Massan
Acampe, William
Drewe, Gerard
Bloke, John
Dyvers, John
Permentorio, Jacobus de
Fornariis, Cosine de
Fornariis, Franciscus de
Justinianus, Daniel
Casina, Augustinus
Licanilla, Anthony
Fornariis, Andrew de
Luter, Henry
Arnold, John
Arnold, [...]
Patryk, Thomas
Wylde, Philip
Brendwode, John
Jacobessone, Nicholas
Jacob, Henry
Jacob, [...]
Screysland, Bartholomew
Screysland, [...]
Mason, Bowen
Mason, [...]
Browderer, Jacobus
Browderer, [...]
Wever, Henry
Wever, [...]
Cordewaner, Gerard
Cordewaner, [...]
Messanger, Kunredus
Goldsmyth, John
Lye, Gerard
Lye, [...]
Munke, John
Ducheman, Henry
Mannyngsone, Peter
Jhonson, Arnold
Strykharry, Cristiana
Shadde, John
Cobiler, Laurence
Cobiler, [...]
Skardenborght, Jacobus
Frederyk, John
Mew, Hugh
Boteler, John
Dufrene, John
Syler, John
Cavyle, John
Danyell, John
Boteler, John
Mattessey, Hugh
Mattessey, [...]
Arnold, John
Gaunt, Isabella
Materman, Lewis
Materman, [...]
Gylmot, John
Weffer, Nicholas
Catania, John de
Catania, Gabriel de
Valet, Anthony
Pecus, Jacobus
Hans, John
Marchant, Henry
Arnold, John
Lyon, Richard
Lyon, [...]
Vandeboke, Peter
Vandeboke, [...]
Lucebett, Joan
Jacob, John
Shyrmontyn, Andrew
Frowe, Elena
Clerk, John
Clerk, Peter
Clerk, Humphrey
Ponty, Nigra
Frederyk, John
Cooke, Fermyn
Greeke, Michael
James, John
Hall, John
Glasier, Albright
Duchewoman, Jacobyn
Clerk, Anglo
Clerk, William
Orlandyn, Nicholas
Alberd, Thomas
Morant, Geoffrey
Cooke, Dedericus
Deryk, Andrew
Cooke, John
Adryan, Katherine
Flemyng, Thomas
Kent, William
Kent, [...]
Saunder, Alice
Cokke, William
Creyner, Adam
Neeles, John
Iryssh, John
Wylde, John
Vandernek, Henry
Mason, Peter
Scrivener, John
Mason, Simon
Lucebet, John
Taylour, Henry

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