England’s Immigrants 1330 – 1550 Resident Aliens in the Late Middle Ages

E 179/144/52, m. 10 [282]

Archive: The National Archives
Reference: E 179/144/52
Sub-reference: m. 10
Document Type: tax assessment
Document Date: 18 January 1443
Notes: Farringdon Without. E 179/144/47 rots. 6-6d provide details of the individual aliens in the ward who paid the subsidy, had moved away and so defaulted the subsidy, or had deceased before the collection of the subsidy. A note is made on each individual accordingly.

Tax Collections

1440 alien subsidy, 5th collection
1440 alien subsidy, 6th collection

Persons named in record

Kent, John
Long, John
Exton, John
Waleys, John
Waleys, [...]
Boys, Thomas
Horum, Robert
Petre, John
Merche, William
Calf, Elena
Browne, John
Browne, [...]
Walsche, Thomas
Walsche, [...]
Dawbar, John
Mayer, Thomas
Reynold, William
Reynold, [...]
Wellis, David
Wellis, [...]
Cockeston, William
Cockeston, [...]
Adam, John
Clerk, Peter
Skott, William
Skott, [...]
Wode, Andrew
Willyams, Alicia
Janyn, William
Sawyar, David
Awston, John
Bemond, William
Jhonson, Richard
Denys, John
Denys, [...]
Cooke, John
Hayes, John
Syll, John
Everard, Nicholas
Everard, [...]
Ducheman, Reginald
Whyte, John
Harryes, John
Lucas, John
Lucas, [...]
Cobyler, Adrian
Cobyler, [...]
Cowntre, Giles
Cowntre, [...]
Gerard, Paul
Gerard, [...]
Petyr, John
Ede, Henry
Petirson, Arnold
Cobyler, Cornelius
Rutgerson, Henry
Harryesson, Richard
Wyllyam, Henry
Greke, Jacobus
Claysson, Henry
Gerard, Albright
Gerardysson, Laurence
Harry, John
[...], Joan
[...], Awen
[...], John
Goyt, John
[...], Joan
Mayett, John
[...], Nicholas
Frenscheman, Richard
Wolf, John
Bony, John
Petytt, Peter
Sewenes, Henry
Clays, Peter
Butteler, Emota
Richardysson, Brown
Johnysson, Brown
Gerardisson, Powell
Cordon, John
Joye, Rosa
Walsche, John
Person, John
Tomson, Nicholas
Brytt, John
Skott, Joan
Osteler, John
Styll, John
Whyte, Anastasia
Saye, Henry
Saye, [...]
Colyn, Stephen
Palmer, William
Haye, Thomas
Haye, [...]
Howlyn, John
Russell, John
Frenshman, Thomas
Glasyar, Adrian
Poward, John
Aleyn, John
Rawlyn, John
Aleyn, Richard
Derk, Peter
Bell, Gerard
Bell, [...]
Osteler, Peter
Thomas, John
Carter, John
Sclewe, Adam
Sclewe, [...]
Sketyng, John
Clowett, John
Freynscheman, John
Cooke, Thomas
[...], John
Ferrour, Thomas
Ferrour, [...]
Frenscheman, John
Fraunceys, John
Garden, Doraunt
Whyte, John
Limryk, Thomas
Limryk, [...]
Profyte, Margaret
Marys, Joan
Magwer, Thomas
Whyte, Thomas
Serle, Thomas
Serle, [...]
Hosey, Matilda
Elys, Richard
Selby, John
Selby, [...]
Taff, John
Flynne, Matthew
Hukstar, Katherine
Lowle, John
Elyes, Richard
Fraunceys, Matilda
Austyn, John
Hattow, Juliana
Arlon, Thomas
Arlon, [...]
Saye, Thomas
Saye, [...]
Elyes, Richard
Elyes, [...]
Brown, Thomas
Brown, [...]
Holme, David
Herly, Thomas
Walsh, John
Laborer, Patrick
Rycheford, Thomas
Rycheford, [...]
Neel, John
Neel, [...]
Porter, Thomas
Bolte, Nicholas
Laborer, Philip
Lambe, Elena
Hawyn, John
Watirman, Simon
Huys, John
Laborer, Adam
Deene, Agneta
[...], Joan
[...], Jacobus
Cave, Walter
Maynor, Thomas

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