England’s Immigrants 1330 – 1550 Resident Aliens in the Late Middle Ages

E 179/236/85 [370]

Archive: The National Archives
Reference: E 179/236/85
Document Type: tax assessment
Document Date: aft. 29 September 1441
Notes: Provides names of householders and non-householders and whether they had deceased, were actually natives, were born in Wales, or were too poor to pay the subsidy, but does not specify which ward they had lived in.

Tax Collections

1440 alien subsidy, 1st collection

Persons named in record

Gerardi, John
Gisbert, Philip
Symond, Simon
Roote, Beatrice
Servaunt, William
Nakell, Joceus
Naple, Anell de
Naple, Katherine de
Colan, John de
Wareyn, Agnes
Watkyns, Lewis
Orum, Robert
Joon, Matilda
Harecourte, William
Miller, Robert
Marys, Jessina
Danboth, Jevath
Nafro, Fredericus
Nafro, [...] de
Bette, Alicia
Bysshop, John
William, [...]
Hals, Joceus
Licuke, William van
Licuke, [...] van
Streveland, Bartholomew
Streveland, Alice
Brown, Thomas
Dore, Bartholomew
Dore, [...]
London, Thomas
Culver, William
Erle, Robert
Fengles, William
Aunott, Baldwin
Andernak, Henry van
Andernak, Katherine van
Benselrood, Arnold
Benselrood, Beatrix
Horn, Arnold
Horn, Marion
Archer, Richard
Archer, [...]
Allone, William
Hunter, William
Peny, Laurence
Barton, Thomas
Taillour, John
Taillour, [...]
Moleyn, Colin
Martyn, John
Burton, John
Turgeys, John
Horn, Henry
Horn, [...]
Barton, William
Baret, Richard
Richemond, Joan
Crameford, Andrew
Walssh, Thomas
Walssh, [...]
Walssh, John
Walssh, John
Walssh, Thomas
Faukener, Reukinus
Franch, Philippa
Brere, Joan a
Wildshire, Amon
Delmot, Katherine
Irissh, Cecilia
Matyer, William
Moyle, Patrick
Weld, Nicholas
Yonge, Brons
Herman, Lewis
Fywilliam, Walter
Maunt, John
Gatelve, William
Conyngham, John
Conyngham, John
Flemyng, Walter
Gerardi, William
Dalton, John
Laborer, Geoffrey
Duke, Maurice
Hakker, Juliana
Clays, Alicia
Herberbek, Guy
Catyn, Stephen
Pusy, John de
Gylys, Peter
Swyth, John
Clakson, David
Carman, William
Forster, John
Bolleyn, John
Robert, Geoffrey
Weston, Edmond
Gerardson, Andrew
Laurens, Richard
Adrian, Adam
Van, Henry
Augren, John
Newnegyn, Guy
Gascoy, William
Howe, John
Flemyng, Pratkyn
Massy, John
Walssh, Joan
Rarice, Vaceto
Polter, Peter
Sabanico, Nicholas de
Nicholponto, John de
Napyle, John de
Roye, Michael de
Gracis, Franciscus
Desio, Manule
Trest, Stephen
Dokham, Gerard
Janyvere, William
Goppyll, William
Johnson, Lambard

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