England’s Immigrants 1330 – 1550 Resident Aliens in the Late Middle Ages

E 359/28, rot. 21d [397]

Archive: The National Archives
Reference: E 359/28
Sub-reference: rot. 21d
Document Type: tax assessment
Document Date: c. 1455
Content Date: 11 April 1455
Notes: Names of taxpayers included on account roll entry. Although covering the first 6 payments, 2 separate inquisitions were taken, the dates being recorded in the text. The first 30 people listed paid for the first 5 payments (17 householders, 13 non-householders), the next 13 paid for 3 of those payments, (7 and 6 of each), and the next 16 (5 and 11) for only one. The list for the sixth payment followed, and has been entered into this database separately. The account then lists three non-payers, the first two assessed for all five terms, the third for just three.

Tax Collections

1453 alien subsidy, 1st collection
1453 alien subsidy, 2nd collection
1453 alien subsidy, 3rd collection
1453 alien subsidy, 4th collection
1453 alien subsidy, 5th collection

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