England’s Immigrants 1330 – 1550 Resident Aliens in the Late Middle Ages

E 179/180/92 Part 2, m. 12 [544]

Archive: The National Archives
Reference: E 179/180/92 Part 2
Sub-reference: m. 12
Document Type: tax assessment
Document Date: 6 April 1440
Notes: The names in this inquisition were subsequently copied onto the county roll now at E 179/180/92 Part 1. Details from that roll regarding people who had moved away or died have been added to the notes on each taxpayer.

Tax Collections

1440 alien subsidy, 1st collection
1440 alien subsidy, 2nd collection

Persons named in record

Tyteman, John
William, John
William, Colente
Felde, Jacobus
Felde, Martina
Denys, Colyn
Denys, Clemenc
Kave, Walter
Kave, Byne
Tove, Adam
Knyght, Michael
Curtays, Janyn
Whithed, Joan
Lovell, Colyn
Ferray, John
Ducheman, Jacobus
Reedclyff, John
Michell, Philip
Clays, Howe
Herren, Pers van
Blome, Godfrey
Metesharp, Janyn
Coy, Pers
Bocher, Gylllyam
Lang, Gerard
Gelham, Alice
Coupere, Janyn
Nicholas, Richard
Nicholas, Katherine
Alyen, Pers
Ducheman, Clays
Frensshman, Gylliam
Frensshman, Matthew
Frensshman, Michael
Frensshman, Pers
Skat, John
Selender, Thomas
Delane, Lambard
Assy, William
Butt, John
Smyth, John
Tayliour, Clays
Pumpey, Roger
Wynter, Reynald
Herman, Nicholas
Matys, Pers
Matys, Isabella
Barker, Henry
Gorge, John
Frensshman, Gylmyn
Frensshman, Magys
Gerard, John
Frensshman, Janyn
Gerard, Walter
Cok, Edmund
Adamson, Peter
Barbour, Raulyn
Ducheman, John
Neve, Johan
Symmyssone, Richard
Frensshman, John
Duford, Henry
Kernse, John
Poperyng, John
Ducheman, Clays
Gerard, Richard
Ducheman, Clays
Coupere, Dyryk
Joppes, John
Bochier, John
Bochier, Marion
Bochier, Stephen
Bochier, [...]
Prymerole, Joan Marion
Ducheman, Gerard
Ducheman, William
Hardy, Gylliam
Ramseye, William
Gerard, Thomas
[...], Wangell
[...], Hugh
Ducheman, Giles
Ducheman, Simon
Frensshman, Simon
Berbrewer, Adrian
Smyth, Ralph
Schipman, Colin
Schipman, [...]
Russel, Hugh
Dirykson, John
Taylour, Nicholas
[...], John
Gerardessone, John
Ducheman, Roger
Adrian, Coyard
Duchewoman, Marion
[...], John
Norman, Ralph
Ducheman, Ysbrond
Norman, Robynet
Ducheman, Gerard
[...], Simon
Buntyng, John
Ducheman, Teman
Ducheman, John
Duchewoman, Amy
Ducheman, Ysbrond
Ducheman, Cornelius
Ducheman, Gerard
Dyryk, Richard
Bertlemew, William
Ducheman, Pers
Schereman, Helyne
Ducheman, Matthew
Rynger, Joan
Cas, John
Frensshman, Colyn

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