England’s Immigrants 1330 – 1550 Resident Aliens in the Late Middle Ages

E 179/144/64, m. 3 [708]

Archive: The National Archives
Reference: E 179/144/64
Sub-reference: m. 3
Document Type: tax assessment
Document Date: 10 August 1451
Notes: Langbourn. The assessment includes Spanish and Italian merchant strangers paying 6s 8d each, and merchants' clerks, paying 20d each. As well as being noted as householders, a note has been made on whether they paid extra as merchants or clerks. Bradley has noted these Italians in her PhD thesis, appendix 4.

Tax Collections

1449 alien subsidy, 3rd collection

Persons named in record

Haverbek, Gerard
Seint, Giles
Breme, Swether van
Clement, Vincencius
Florence, Jacobus
Scomell, Nicholas
Scomell, [...]
Shyve, Henry
Swart, Fredericus
Sargeant, Paul
Sargeant, Margeria
Bynon, Dericus
Jowde, Simon
Archer, Mariona
Alone, William
Shewyn, Beatrix
Huke, Conrad
Huke, [...]
Yonge, John
Bawdewyn, Walter
Bawdewyn, [...]
Watoyle, Henry
Watoyle, [...]
Herry, Jacobus
Herry, [...]
Jacobson, Matthew
Redeberd, Hans
Baynam, Giles
Baynam, [...]
Monke, Hans
Monke, [...]
Perwyk, Henry
Perwyk, [...]
Nicholasson, Dericus
Nicholasson, [...]
Taillour, Jaket
Taillour, [...]
Yongeman, Hermanus
Yongeman, [...]
Johnson, Edward
Johnson, [...]
Mason, Peter
Capper, Henry
Fryse, John
Leche, Adam
John, Lucas
John, [...]
Wyght, John
Wyght, [...]
Bome, Nicholas
Mynd, Robert
Carse, Swether
Clerk, John
Josgon, Peter
Servaunt, Conrad
[...], Gerard
[...], Joskyn
Vanhawerslothe, Hermannus
Growanbrowe, Arnold
Sestry, John
Barkam, Henry
Frawoe, Henry
Swete, Tilmannus
Peterson, Jacobus
Derikson, Jacobus
Bensilrode, Roland
Nicholasson, Henry
Johnson, Peter
Nofre, Fredericus de
Rosincranus, [...]
Vandermaso, Dericus
Gregory, Giles
Servaunt, Godfrid
Nose, John
Marche, Lewis
Cenlar, Nicholas
Johnson, John
Dunke, Henry
Mackyk, Arnold
[...], [...]
Corwyn, John
Wamolse, John
Bregis, George de
Clodowe, Michael
[...], Miles
[...], Peter
[...], Henry
Edward, Jacobus
Person, William
Castello, Jacobus de
Castelon, Reginald de
Coke, George
Flynt, Simon
Nobbes, Katherine
Iserwenter, Trude
Skarpard, Peter
Almayn, John de
Wise, Henry
Desmas, Michael
Baroncely, Reginald
Nory, Simon
Catan, Leonard
Frank, Gregory de
Stello, Peter
Spinull, Ambrose
Carbonel, Philip
Bromey, Peter
Barde, Jacobus de
Lago, Lewis
Kenyssyon, Gerard
Philippo, Alex de
Scharseseke, Henry
Cateyn, Ambrose
Spinull, Francus
Penell, Peter

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