England’s Immigrants 1330 – 1550 Resident Aliens in the Late Middle Ages

E 179/120/87, m. 1 [73]

Archive: The National Archives
Reference: E 179/120/87
Sub-reference: m. 1
Document Type: tax assessment
Document Date: 31 August 1441
Notes: This document is actually a copy of the original now at E 179/270/31, m 48 (which has therefore not been included in this database). There are a few minor spelling variations ('i' for 'y', etc), and the jurors' names were omitted from this copy.

Tax Collections

1440 alien subsidy, 3rd collection
1440 alien subsidy, 4th collection

Persons named in record

Ducheman, Peter
Alard, Giles
Proudescote, William
Wharyn, Henry
May, John
Rydere, John
Scarlet, Simon
Hunte, John
Cobeler, John
Ducheman, Giles
Ducheman, Reginald
Cook, Robert
Barbour, Janyn
Wafour, Janyn
Dyer, Martin
Pope, William
Barynton, Nicholas
Boterewe, John
Cook, John
Knoppe, John
Tommesson, John
Flaundres, John
Gerard, John
Iryssh, Hugh
Arnold, Nicholas
Valewe, John
Lammerssh, Robert
[...], Robert
Frankesworth, Hans
Frankesworth, Robinetta
Johnson, Richard
Wildewe, John
Cok, Janyn
Fraunceys, John
Bryd, Henry
Frensshman, John
[...], Peter
Frensshman, Geoffrey
Frensshman, John
Chaloner, John
Mestery, Augustine
Gyldere, John
Gyldere, [...]
Smyth, William
[...], John
Webbe, John
Spencer, Thomas
Antony, William
Hyve, John
Galion, Philip
Webbe, Boweys
Roche, William
Tayllour, John
May, Thomas
Segall, Nicholas
Frensshman, Janyn
Bonard, William
Almaunde, Matthew
Sawyer, John
Sawyer, Rosa
Bocher, Ralph
Gardynet, Richard
Tyler, John
Bochere, John
[...], Peterkyn
Barbour, Patrick
Chapman, Henry
Yonge, John
Smyth, John
Ducheman, Henry
Scarlet, John
Dier, Burginarius
[...], John
[...], Gerard
Ducheman, William
Disshere, Thomas
Ducheman, John
Brusshell, Katherine
Taverner, Augustine
William, Brand
[...], Arnold
[...], Janyn
Pessoun, Andy
Baudres, John
Priour, John
Gernetter, Stephen
Ducheman, Maynard
[...], John
Michaell, John
[...], John
[...], John
Hans, John
Frenssheman, William
Peryn, John
Perot, Peter
Peryn, John
Dyland, John
Stanle, Thomas
Frenssheman, John
Frensshman, John
Frensshman, Janyn
Rous, John
[...], Henry
[...], Gilliam
[...], Matthew
White, Walter
Frensshman, Nicholas
[...], John
[...], Adam
Cook, John
John, Nicholas
[...], John
Terell, John

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