England’s Immigrants 1330 – 1550 Resident Aliens in the Late Middle Ages

E 179/144/64, m. 5 [732]

Archive: The National Archives
Reference: E 179/144/64
Sub-reference: m. 5
Document Type: tax assessment
Document Date: 10 August 1451
Notes: Dowgate and Walbrook wards assessed together. The assessment includes Italian merchant strangers paying 6s 8d each. As well as being noted as householders, a note has been made on whether they paid extra as merchants. Bradley has noted the Italians in her PhD thesis, appendix 4.

Tax Collections

1449 alien subsidy, 3rd collection

Persons named in record

Netylsede, Henry
Netylsede, [...]
Gruskyn, Peter
Gruskyn, [...]
Jeffrey, John
Jeffrey, [...]
Alardson, John
Alardson, [...]
Petirson, John
Petirson, [...]
Coper, Peter
Coper, [...]
Symond, John
Symond, [...]
Kerseyman, Tilmannus
Kerseyman, [...]
Screuer, [...]
Screuer, [...]
Trute, Goddescalfe
Trute, [...]
Rogerson, Isebrandus
Rogerson, [...]
Gardeson, John
Cobler, Isbrondus
Cobler, [...]
Chircherde, John
Chircherde, [...]
Benselrode, Peter
Goldsmyth, Josdus
Yerwyke, John
Yerwyke, [...]
Wardan, Magnus
Wardan, [...]
Gull, Henry
Andernak, Henry van
Andernak, [...] van
Vesyn, John
Vesyn, [...]
Johnson, Arnold
Johnson, [...]
Fulston, Nicholas
Holtes, Arnold
Underthorpe, Arnold
Underthorpe, [...]
Quyntrell, John
Goldsmyth, Henry
Santon, John van
Santon, [...] van
Williamson, Dedericus
Clote, Nicholas
Creke, John
Servaunt, Buers
Petirson, Peter
Simond, Henry
Snellard, Martin
Deverton, Walter
Petirson, Hermannus
Arnold, John
Mascok, Bartholomew
Ruste, William
Lambespringe, Bartholomew
Browne, John
Servaunt, Margeria
Barbour, Hans
Wolfe, William
Clower, Peter
Topman, [...]
Topman, [...]
Suer, Guy
Cok, Philip atte
Doychwoman, Alicia
Skrewedre, Hans
Servaunt, Peter
Hornebagh, Hans
Abaugh, Reyne
Farehede, Henry
Crownyng, Henry
Courten, Greus
Allay, Deryk
Rowe, Guyse
Seint John, Peter
Master, John
Arnold, John
Craste, Richard of
Vessoper, Hermanus
Servaunt, Reginald
Servaunt, Isabella
Copyn, Hankyn
Smere, Katherine
Rot, Walter van
Clerke, Robert
Botellere, Hector
Koke, Janyn
Gerard, Jacok
[...], Roger
[...], [...]
Spingle, Girmand
Spingle, Heron
Spyngle, Synyatre

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