England’s Immigrants 1330 – 1550 Resident Aliens in the Late Middle Ages

E 179/144/64, m. 11 [885]

Archive: The National Archives
Reference: E 179/144/64
Sub-reference: m. 11
Document Type: tax assessment
Document Date: 10 August 1451
Notes: Tower, Billingsgate, Bridge and Candlewick Street Wards assessed together. This assessment includes Italian merchant strangers paying 6s 8d each, and merchants' clerks paying 20d each. As well as being noted as householders, a note has been made on whether they paid extra as merchants or clerks. Bradley has noted the Italians in her PhD thesis, appendix 4.

Tax Collections

1449 alien subsidy, 3rd collection

Persons named in record

Torrop, Peter
Offirman, George
Jacobson, Segir
Martenson, Gofrus
Powle, Henry
Johnson, Henry
Wythugh, Gisbrith
Valer, Peter
Peterson, Jacobus
Palmer, Peter
Mason, Cornelius
Goldsmyth, Gerard
Boleyn, Nicholas
Hede, John
Cust, Cristan
Williamson, Cornelius
Wever, Isebrond
Segyr, Derik
Tymberman, Hans
Cowper, Nicholas
Corneles, John
Corneles, [...]
Kyng, Peter
Kyng, [...]
Barnet, John of
Barnet, [...] of
Housechild, Peter
Housechild, [...]
John, Jacobus
John, [...]
Berebruer, Nicholas
Berebruer, [...]
Freton, William
Garardson, Joceus
Brekeman, Henry
Brekeman, Cristina
Cobeler, Isebrond
Cobeler, [...]
Brook, Gerard
Wormode, Peter
Rosegarden, Albright
Fox, Hans
Johnson, Paul
Arnold, Arnold
William, Henry
Horne, John
Matays, John
Mason, Laurence
Derikson, Joce
Weteacre, Joan
Williamson, Peter
Basketmaker, Cornelius
John, Rowynd
Goyt, John
Johnson, Deryk
Marner, Laurence
Frenbussell, Godfrus
Ducheman, Nicholas
Furbusshell, John
Cok, Nicholas
Tyberman, Arnold
Hughson, John
Boleyn, Franciscus
Bronyon, John
Wever, Derik
Barb, Paul
Bone, John
Bereman, Giles
Godfreison, Nicholas
Williamson, Roger
Cowper, John
Jacobson, Hans
Peterson, Matthew
Taillour, Hermanus
John, Henry
Vansere, Giles
Cook, Philip
Losteron, Jangelipoll
Tasere, John
Servaunt, Dominic
Colyns, Clays van
Herman, Peter
Deryc, William
Servaunt, Gesan
Servaunt, Jenyn
Cook, Adam
Roset, John
Miller, John
Colbyrk, Hans
Salman, John
Forne, Henry
Garardson, Frank
Servaunt, Philip
Vanderell, Christopher
Gigly, Nicholas
Pallestrell, Alex
Scot, Lewis
Centuriono, Anthony
Albys, John de
Centurion, Gregorius
Clerk, Everard
Clerk, Nicholas
Cassyn, Augustinus

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