England’s Immigrants 1330 – 1550 Resident Aliens in the Late Middle Ages

Dr. Andrea Ruddick

Andrea Ruddick will be joining the ‘England’s Immigrants’ project as a Research Assistant from October 2014. This builds on her existing association with the project as a member of the International Advisory Board, with a focus on political and cultural identities in England.

Andrea Ruddick gained her undergraduate degree at Pembroke College, Cambridge, before continuing her career there as a postgraduate. She was awarded her PhD in 2005, supervised by Professor Christine Carpenter. She then held a British Academy Postdoctoral Fellowship, based at the Faculty of History at Cambridge, during which she expanded her doctoral research on English national identity and national sentiment in the fourteenth century. This research resulted in a recently published monograph, English Identity and Political Culture in the Fourteenth Century (Cambridge University Press, 2013), in the Cambridge Studies in Medieval Life and Thought series and several articles. Since the end of her BA PDF, she has worked at the Faculty of History at Cambridge as an Affiliated Lecturer and most recently as a Research Associate.

Andrea’s main research interests are in late medieval British political, ecclesiastical and cultural history, c. 1200-1500. She is particularly interested in the intersection between political and ethnic identity in medieval England and the king of England’s wider dominions and she draws on a wide range of sources in her research, from chronicles, poetry and sermon literature to official rhetoric in government documents. Other current research interests include state formation in medieval Europe, medieval chronicles and history-writing, and the role of the English clergy in political society. She is currently working on a volume of sources in translation giving English perspectives on ethnicity, identity and politics in the late medieval British Isles.

As a Research Assistant on the ‘England’s Immigrants’ project, Andrea will be working on two main strands of research. First, she will be looking at inter-marriage between English people and immigrants; how common it was among different groups, how it was viewed in English society, and its impact on a person’s legal status in respect of denization or nationality. Secondly, she will be investigating the identity, role and perceptions of foreign clergy in English society, culture and politics.

Publications include:

English identity and political culture in the fourteenth century (Cambridge, 2013)

‘National sentiment and religious vocabulary in fourteenth-century England’, Journal of Ecclesiastical History, 60 (2009), 1-18.
‘Gascony and the limits of British Isles history’ in Ireland and the English world in the late middle ages, ed. B. Smith (Basingstoke, 2009), 68-88.
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‘Ethnic identity and political language in the King of England’s dominions: a fourteenth-century perspective’ in The fifteenth century VI: identity and insurgency in the late middle ages, ed. L. Clark (Woodbridge, 2006), 15-31.

Dr Ruddick has also contributed entries to the Brill Encyclopedia of the Medieval Chronicle, ed. G. Dunphy (Leiden, 2010).

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