England’s Immigrants 1330 – 1550 Resident Aliens in the Late Middle Ages


Unfortunately the county of Worcestershire is one for which very few alien subsidy records survive, resulting in very limited information on the alien population of the county. Records only survive for the first and second collections of the 1440 subsidy, the first and second collections of the 1449 subsidy, the first to sixth, and the eleventh and twelfth collections of the 1453 subsidy. These records only reveal the names of 157 resident immigrants in the county, the majority of which are revealed by the earlier subsidy collections.

A third of the county’s immigrant population were in Worcester, while the rest were spread across the county. Unfortunately, the records are not particularly detailed, and the only occupations recorded are servant, and a ‘walker’. When given, the largest national group is French, closely followed by Irish and Flemish. There were also a handful of Gascons, Hollanders, a Breton and a ‘Dutch’. Only six women were recorded, two of whom were servants. One daughter is recorded. She was Joan Cornewaill, daughter of John, a householder in Tenbury in 1440.

Jessica Lutkin

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