England’s Immigrants 1330 – 1550 Resident Aliens in the Late Middle Ages

Katherine Bayous [20189]

Surname: Bayous
Forename: Katherine
Gender: Female
Place of Residence: Lincoln, Lincolnshire
Origin: Nationality: Dutch ['Dutch']
Social Status: widow
Taxation Status: householder
Original Document: E 179/269/28, m. 2 (tax assessment, 17 August 1441)
Notes: Specified as the former wife of William Bayous.
Biographical Notes: A William Bayous/Bayons of Lincoln, hosteler, was sued in Common Pleas in 1430 by John Roos, who accused him of abducting his servant (TNA, CP 40/677, rot 66d), and a man of that name, as executor of John Dayburgh, former vicar of Skellingthorpe, was sued in the same term on a debt plea by Martin Andrew of Colby (CP 40/677, rot 205d). A William Bayous of Lincoln, bowyer, was sued in Common Pleas on a debt of 60s by a Richard Hert in Easter term 1443 (CP 40/729, rot 286), and a William Bayous, citizen and alderman of Lincoln, was sued in the same court in that same term by the dean and chapter of Lincoln cathedral (ibid, rot 296). A man of this name was also mayor of Lincoln in the 1430s. Perhaps this woman was the alien widow or mother of this man/men, and her husband was not actually an alien himself. See also CIPM, xxii, no. 696 and CFR 1422-30, p. 164, which refer to a William Bayous of Tealby, who died in 1382, although his inquisition post mortem was not held until 1426.
Relationships: No Relationships

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