England’s Immigrants 1330 – 1550 Resident Aliens in the Late Middle Ages

Andrew Ogart [25459]

Surname: Ogart [Ogard]
Forename: Andrew
Gender: Male
Place of Origin: Denmark
Origin: Nationality: [Danish]
Date of Death: c. 13 October 1454
Social Status: knight
Original Document: CPR 1429-36, p. 288 (letters of denization, 8 July 1433)
Notes: Rolls of Parliament, iv, pp. 439-40; PROME, Parliament of 1433, item 27.
Biographical Notes: For his petition for denization, and a draft of his letters patent, see SC 8/26/1276-7. Ogard (in Danish Anders Pedersen Gyldenstjerne) was the son of Sir Peder Nielsen of Aagaard, Denmark. He was a famous military commander in the English armies in France, and sat as MP for Norfolk in 1453. He died on 13 or 14 October 1454.
Relationships: No Relationships

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